martes, 29 de octubre de 2013

Muy Pronto Llega una Mega Actualizacion!!!

*Optimizacion general de codificacion (mucho mas estable y liviano)
*DriveCancel, SuperCancel,HDCancel,MaxCancel ahora sin boton de apoyo!
*Arreglos generales en los GetHits!
-arreglos de bugs varios.
-correcion estetica de animaciones.
-mejora en la prediccion de flotacion.
-cambio en los facing estilo kof
-Correcion de carteles
*Incorpoacion de nuevo Groove ahora siendo 2 seleccionables
-Normal (KOFXIII+Extras)
-EXX     (KOFXII+OldAddOn+Extras)
*y emmmm............ mmmm.... muchas mas cosas!!!!
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6 comentarios:

  1. hello. I'am working on a fullgame based on ver 0.3, already edited many chars (making them compatiable, fixing errors and glitches, turning all sparks to addon default ones). Is new version will be compatiable to "old coded" chars?

  2. not if you read the previous answer but I was wrong, so do not listen to what I wrote before and only what I put now.
    The next addon not include installation changes over the last addon. (V-0.3)
    except I'm evaluating the possibility of need to change the [statedef -2] by [statedef -3] but that change is not yet certain.
    PS: I'm contestandote an English translator, excuse the inaccuracy.

  3. Ok, when you have completed advanced or show me (Photo, Video, or something), I like to see that people are interested in and use my AddOn.

  4. is it possible to do this - when you using HD cancel or DRIVE cancel all moves which is "parry" do not need get hit, and uses immediately? Like in KOF13 HD cancel to Goro NeoMax.

  5. I'll take that into account, would have to see how I implement and if possible without asking for more steps in installation